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Luminati Choses Long Island as its Base of Manufacture for its Line of HALE UAV’s

By Steve Attard -Luminati 2017

Friday, June 16th – Luminati Aerospace formally announces the rebirth of aerospace manufacturing at Calverton Enterprise Park on Long Island, New York.  Formerly leased by Northrop Grumman, the Plant 6 facility is where some of the world’s top naval aircraft had once been assembled.  Tapping into the region’s manufacturing past, Luminati will be using the facility and its outlying grounds to produce a unique and innovative line of commercial high altitude long endurance unmanned aerial vehicles known as HALE UAV’s. 

In addition to the design and manufacture of the UAV’s, Luminati’s expertise includes supportive research and development which explores new concepts in both structural composites and energy harvesting which is what makes their UAV product line both unique and possible.  The super light-weight components they develop permit their UAV’s to operate at very high altitudes where they’ll source energy from the sun and also from natural wind currents allowing them to stay aloft for what is essentially indefinite periods of time.

Luminati’s choice to use Calverton Enterprise Park as its home makes perfect sense as the entire complex, originally built in the 1950’s, was assembled as a self-supporting aircraft manufacturing environment.  Even after all of this time the infrastructure remains intact, it’s affordable and space is readily available for any interested organization who may desire to join them in support of their endeavors.  Within his opening speech Daniel Preston, CEO and founder of Luminati, extended a heartfelt invitation to all potential suppliers/partners to reach out to him directly. 

The Long Island Business Aviation Association wishes to extend a warm welcome to Luminati Aerospace, Mr. Preston and all of those in support of the rebirth of aerospace manufacturing within our community here in New York.

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